2016 A Year of Awakening Greatly


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Waterfall at Van Dusen Gardens Vancouver, BC
Welcome to the Mastery of Deep Trance States official website.

Life these days moves at a hectic pace and some of us can feel stressed, anxious, overworked and downright lost.

We are blessed with many diverse approaches that seek to solve the problems and issues that we face everyday. We all strive to be healthy, energetic and peaceful versus impatient, tired and frustrated.

Most of us simply want to overcome our personal and career barriers and wake up to a more conscious lifesyle. Even the idea of our highest potential can sometimes feel out of our reach. Overcoming fear and conquering its debilitating effects still remains the key to opening up the gateway to “our hidden potential”.

There are many approaches which allows us to find the right fit for us individually and collectively, be it personal, family, business, career, relationships and on it goes. We at Mastery of Deep Trance States® offer some rather unique approaches to help you ‘get what you want’.

Our personal experiences gleaned over many years of our own journeys. The Mastery of Deep Trance States® is designed with you in mind. Our aim is to help you achieve a radical shift in consciousness which will supply you with the tools you need to be able to access resourceful states and take action. Remembering that all those goals that we seek have their foundation in our minds, bodies and spirit, whatever that means to you.